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Thanks tsantee. My iMac's optical drive has been long gone, tempted to say it's toast but I don't want to confuse things. I have an external Samsung. I'll have to look into resetting the regional code for it or perhaps it's still a Mac adjustment? Assuming I can get it to play (and I do have Toast) can Toast make the conversion from the original disc or will I still have to rip it? BTW the only time I was in Eugene I recall that everyone was fit, I mean really fit. Is it a requirement for residency?

Roxio Toast 11 Pro Crack

When I was in Eugene (on an extended road trip) my partner decided she wanted to start running. She must have spent 2 hours color coordinating her running outfit with her new shoes etc. before we headed out. Her first 'run' was on the Steve Prefontaine Trail. What a place to have a first run. Don't think she ever realized the significance of it. I'd finally cracked 3 hours and was on my way to tapering off, gaining weight and ultimately dealing with the arthritis. But still I remember Eugene and all of Oregon for that matter fondly. Man, with Bowerman you were there at the beginning. 350c69d7ab

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