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Download Livid Torrent

Though iLivid is basic in many ways, it is often just what the computer doctor ordered. The simplistic management system allows users to send downloads directly to folders, stream content while it is downloading, and grab video links directly off of a webpage.

download Livid torrent

Due to these special functions, users are often able to save time and effort on their downloads, as the management system simplifies the messy processes. Though it is rather basic in many ways, iLivid is still a great choice for those searching to manage and organize their downloads.

A download manager handles all of the files that a user wishes to copy to their device. Such a program often breaks downloads into multiple different pieces, to process them quicker and more efficiently.

iLivid is a top-notch download manager that simplifies downloading and file transfer. The program gives users the chance to organize all of their downloads into various folders and drives, rather than placing them in a download folder.

Alternatively, users can instantly playback videos from a variety of different sources while they download. With such an option, users can watch their favorite films as they download directly to their device.

iLivid Download Manager is a convenient solution for downloading media files from sharing websites. Furthermore, it has the ability to download from URLs, torrent files, and magnet URLs. What's great about this tool is that you can play both audio and video files while the downloading process is still in progress.

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Downloading a video with this particular program is a hassle-free task. You just copy the torrent magnet link or the file's URL, paste it in the link bar, and start the download. As a consequence, the media file will be saved to a specific folder that you previously determined and set as the target path for all the downloads. Obviously, you are able to change the download folder from the settings menu at any moment. In the same location you will find other options that you might find useful. For instance, you can enable notifications to inform you when the download is over and the file is ready to play. Furthermore, you are able to set the number of simultaneous downloads and the maximum bandwidth.

As I already mentioned, with iLivid Download Manager you can watch a movie when the download reaches a given percentage of completion. The ability to play a video that isn't completely downloaded is very convenient. You have the chance to see whether you are about to save the file you are expecting, or decide to better stop the process and look for an alternative. more

Among the variety of free download managers found on the web, this application is a tool that I could recommend. It has ease of use as a priority, supports simultaneous downloads, and comes with a built-in popular player that supports most media file formats.

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