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Tranny Tights

My friend Noël (I promised I wouldn't publish his surname) is one of my favourite people. As well as teaching cinema at university, he loves to wear women's tights in everyday situations, like at work or shopping for women's tights. He's not a tranny though, and calling him that really annoys him. No, Noël is just a guy who loves to take the train wearing a pink bodysuit. He likes the way tights support his balls, he likes the way people stare at him, and he likes the way they mould his body into a lycra dart. With this in mind, we asked Noël to talk us through his favourite styles.

tranny tights

Sport tightsSport is a good alibi for the tights fan who is uncomfortable with his obsesion. Being a runner or something is the only way for a man to wear something clingy and revealing without being banished from society. In fact, the public view you as some sort of robust superman, like Usain Bolt or Superman.

Ballet tightsIn this picture I'm wearing these as part of my favourite outfit, my medieval look. Back then, all men wore tights. I find the pearl-grey colour suits me, and you have to wear them with a codpiece or sports box, which really boosts my family jewels.

Glam rock bodysuitI love this skin-coloured bodysuit, it makes me look like I'm naked. So much so that I've been reported to the police several times when I've worn it out. I love being able to shock people with tights, I feel like David Bowie or the New York Dolls in the 70s.

Luxury tightsThis red pair is made by Gerbe, one of the last brands making luxury tights. They're hand-embroidered and super high-end. I feel like an 18th-century king when I wear them.

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