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Grab And Bind Of Tera Patrick: The Perils Of Tera

When Tera Patrick rejects his offer of partnership, a ruthless producer subjects the adult superstar to a series of humiliating bondages! Tera's heard from too many colleagues that Mr. Holman can't be trusted, so she brusquely refuses to participate in his proposed project. But Holman's determined to make Tera his headliner despite her rejection, so he sneaks into her office and overpowers the exotic beauty! After tying her hands behind her, he silences Tera's cries by taping her mouth, then winds ropes around the blouse that hides her marvelous breasts! Once the struggling star's seated and her ankles tethered to the chair, the heartless charlatan bares Tera's feet by pulling off her pumps, then yanks open her blouse to reveal a see-through bra cradling her orbs! While Tera squeals indignantly, Holman calmly produces a camcorder and records her eye-popping contortions; soon even the bra disappears and Tera's breasts thrust forward in their full glory! Holman continues to exploit his very unwilling star by posing her poolside in a bikini; Tera's gorgeous body twists provocatively in taut ropework and her dark eyes blaze above a wide black cloth tied over her mouth! But Tera's creative captor won't allow her to remain high and dry with all that water beckoning; at first he's satisfied to swing her legs over the jacuzzi and dip her bare feet into its liquid contents. Soon, however, the bound and gagged beauty's astonished to find herself bobbing IN the jacuzzi, her naked breasts intermittently underwater as Holman harshly commands her to bend her legs! Tera's ankles and knees are free of rope because the humanitarian holding her prisoner naturally wants to prevent any accidents -- why take risks when he still has so many diabolical plans for his star? Time to display Tera Patrick in all her enchanting nudity, so Holman arranges a classic hogtie for his subjugated star! Gagged with duct tape, Tera arches desperately on a kitchen island in a position that highlights the allure of her bare bottom and naked feet. Not coincidentally, the predatory man in black callously takes advantage of her vulnerability by briefly spanking Tera, then spends more time tickling her soles! Powerless to prevent his vicious behavior, Tera squeals pathetically as her toe-tied bare feet suffer under Holman's arrogant fingers! Naked except for fishnet garter stockings, Tera undulates on her tiptoes while she stands trussed-up and tethered to an ornate china cabinet. Holman tests Tera's luscious lips with an red ball-gag -- and her pussy-lips with a white crotch-rope! No matter how the fearful starlet twists and turns, her nemesis follows her with the camcorder that roves from head to toe and catches her expressions of misery as she mouths the invasive ball and tugs against the wicked vertical rope! When the thrilling finale arrives, Tera's in no position to appreciate her performance! But all her admirers will undoubtedly relish the erotic appeal radiating from her voluptuous body roped into an extremely compromising position! Cradled by an overturned coffe table, Tera lies on her back, wrists bound separately to the table legs, legs frogged and toes tied; gagged once more with duct tape, Tera whimpers in humiliation as she attempts unsuccessfully to close her legs. But her ordeal won't conclude until the implacable producer subjects Tera to a final indignity: with a buzzing vibrator tied against her pussy, she arches and spasms as her terrible literally comes to an end! ID #: KD-73 Price: $25.00 Quantity: FM Concepts, Inc. Home PageGrab And Bind Of Tera Patrick: The s Of Tera - DVDGrab And Bind Of Tera Patrick: The s Of Tera - DownloadTera Patrick - HD DownloadTera Patrick - HD DownloadTera Patrick - HD DownloadTera Patrick - HD DownloadTera Patrick - HD Download

Grab And Bind Of Tera Patrick: The Perils Of Tera



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